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SuperPower: Understanding

Project "Spring" first existed as a short story written during my international study in Shigaraki, Japan. It's about a boy who gains the modest ability to see into people - see their inner desires and physical manifestations of their spirit. It's a superpower of understanding, and since writing this story I've begun exploring the idea of understanding as superpower. The short story grew into plans for a short film, and now is heading toward existing as both short film and interactive game.

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The Story


The story begins with a boy who wants to be a writer, but can never seem to find the words. He finds it hard to relate with others, and is naturally reclusive. In this iteration of the story, everything is sparked by a bus ride home. 

In his own world, the boy takes his usual path home. He lets himself fall deeper into his own reality, and unknowingly takes a wrong turn . Without realizing, he slips into a world slightly off from his own. 


He trips and falls, landing in front a mysterious house, it unusually doubles as an open bath. In hopes of finding something to write about, he enters.


The room inside the house is lush, flooded with greenery. It becomes obvious to the boy that he's left his gray life, he's stumbled into something slightly magical -someone's sillouette is seen behind a blocade in the bath. 


The boy is dragged under the water, the green utopia is replaced by watery stillness and in this pool he is transformed. His body flowers, and something in him fundamentally shifts  - a piece of the place is now ingraided in him.


The room clears, and the body is left with nothing but a book and new, green eyes. He continues his trek back home, back the way he came, and realizes that he now exists in a world between the magical and the one he used to know. 

Moving Forward, Changing Directions

Over the last few months this project and its story has transformed in so many unexpected ways, and I have brought in a variety of new inspirations to inspire this piece. From this point the piece has splintered into two separate projects, the main component being a interactive game!
From here I want to take these ideas and let the players step into the experience. Although the piece will still be mostly directed and narrative, I love the performative aspect this would bring - please contact me if you want to know more about it! 

For now, please continue to my Development page to see how this project is being tested and visualized as a mini-film (meant to test the aesthetics and workflow for the game)