Project "Spring" :



SuperPower: Understanding

Project "Spring" first existed as a short story written during my international study in Shigaraki, Japan. It's about a boy who gains the modest ability to see into people - see their inner desires and physical manifestations of their spirit. It's a superpower of understanding, and since writing this story I've begun exploring the idea of understanding as superpower. The short story grew into plans for a short film, and now is heading toward existing as both short film and interactive game. Please click link above to learn more about the current state of the Project. 


Project Spring :



Learning By Doing

The seed planted by Project: "Spring" jumpstarted a journey that took me deeper into the processes of animating in 3D, and constructing a personal way of communication with 3D with my art.  I don't have a traditional education in animation, and thus my learning process tends to begin with an idea, and as its author I work rigorously focus its message, solidify its visual aesthetic, and approach learning new things from the perspective of an artist with a goal in mind. 

This section of my site I have dedicated to talking about this journey, and some of the many things I gained a deep understanding of by way of working, failing, and having to find new solutions.

Other Projects:
Experiments and Thoughts



Plaaying Aroound

The last section of my site I have dedicated to the past projects that were seminal in the development of my main project. This includes not only past animations, but also a number of sketches I've made over the last year, exploring different ideas and forms. I will do my best to keep this page updated as I continue to sketch daily, and stumble upon more interesting ideas. 

I hope you like them!